Hello Med Students!

My name is Zack Olson. I’m a huge nerd, and I LOVE Emergency Medicine.

UT Nashville Class of 2018 (I’m the Bald Guy – Far Left)

I started recording EM Clerkship in 2016 during my first year as an Emergency Medicine resident at the University of Tennessee – Nashville. I had always loved teaching, and putting myself on a weekly schedule to record was one of the most enjoyable ways I could come up with to force myself to study for my in-service exam!

At the time, I had 5-10 listeners per episode (my early record was 14 downloads in a single day), so I never felt any pressure to teach “the right way.” And because of this, I just had fun with it! Since I didn’t think my show would ever be popular, I mostly used it as a creative outlet. For example, during the anaphylaxis episode, I just wanted to see how many time I could say “airway and epi” without it sounding completely ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved when the show started getting downloads too. There is nothing quite like the feeling that somebody, somewhere in the world, was actually interested in hearing what I had to say! But for me, it was never about the downloads, it was just FUN.

Me as a busy/overwhelmed first year attending!

Now I am an attending, and not only has the podcast reached over 2 million downloads, but my study plan worked! I scored 100 on my ABEM qualifying exam, passed my oral exam in Chicago, and now I am fully board certified.

I currently practice full time as a community doctor at one of the busiest emergency departments in Ohio. I still love teaching, but I now have a special interest in risk management, patient experience, and (of course) ABEM board review! I also mentor Mike Estephan who co-hosts “The Game”. He is one of the most talented residents currently in training and a future legend of Emergency Medicine.

Please send me an email (zack@emclerkship.com) at any time if you would ever like to chat more about Emergency Medicine, ask questions, or learn more about the speciality.

And until next time…

Keep working hard. Keep studying. And be sure to ENJOY YOUR SHIFT!