Hello Med Students!

My name is Zack Olson, and I’m a huge nerd. I like making podcasts, and I LOVE Emergency Medicine.

Zack Cruise

For those of you who listen to the Emergency Medicine Clerkship Podcast, here is a little bit about me.

zimmerman   Zimmerman

I grew up in a very small town in Minnesota called Zimmerman. It had a Dairy Queen, a church, a bar, and TWO gas stations. It was one of those “stoplight” towns that people drove through when they wanted to go camping. I attended a small private school and played on the basketball team there. As you can see from my 10th grade group picture, we had a VERY small class. The building itself was literally on a dirt road and surrounded by cornfields.

10th grade basketball

Eventually I moved to the Twin Cities and went to college at the University of Northwestern- St. Paul where I studied Biology, Biblical Studies, and did my senior research on woodpecker holes.

College graduation college 2

But it wasn’t all studying. The best part about Minnesota is all of the SNOW! Snowmobiling. Skiing. Ice fishing. Very few things in this world are more awesome. I promise.

Snowmobiling       Ice Fishing

Eventually I was accepted into THE Ohio State University- College of Medicine on academic scholarship. It was here that I found my school spirit and became a full-blooded BUCKEYE (and doctor).

White Coat    OSU!

Then, in 2015, I matched into Emergency Medicine at the University of Tennessee- Nashville. We were the inaugural class in what I would argue was one of the best residency programs in the South. If you want to learn the real world of emergency medicine, this program is for you!

Match Day!  UT Residents

Besides medicine, I also love cooking, fishing, fantasy football, and playing video games (especially Civilization 5, which is the best computer game that HAS ever existed and WILL ever exist). Obviously, you need to let me know if you play.

fishing      civ 5

Anyways, thank you again for taking the time to check out my website. As always, I hope you find the content useful. Please let me know if you have any feedback, questions, comments, or would simply like to say hello! I would love to chat with you.

And until next time… Keep working hard. Keep studying. And be sure to ENJOY YOUR SHIFT!


Email: zack@emclerkship.com