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How to Start Every Sim Case

This week we will discuss some Emergency Medicine 101. This is my personal approach to the initial management of crashing patients. Not only does this algorithm work well in real life, it also works well in sim, and during verbal cases with my attendings. Listen to the old ABC episodes if you want to go more in depth.

Chest X-Rays

We order lots of imaging in emergency medicine, and during your clerkship, you may be expected to interpret any of these images for yourself. Obviously, you may not be able to perfectly interpret everything, and that’s OK. However, you absolutely HAVE to know how to interpret a chest X-ray. It is very high yield for your SLOE. In this episode I give you a basic approach using an ABCDEFG mnemonic.

Pain Medications

It’s definitely not the most exciting topic in emergency medicine, but it’s easily one of the most important. Every single shift you will be required to manage a patient’s pain. In this episode, we will be covering the 6 major pain medicines that you need to know for your clerkship- including doses. Those medicines are PO acetaminophen, PO ibuprofen, PO hydrocodone-acetaminophen, IV/IM ketorolac, IV/IM morphine, and IV/IM hydromorphone.

Patient Presentations

We are going to discuss a very important topic today. How do you give a good patient presentation to your attending?  This is the single most important skill you need to develop on your clerkship. Your presentations need to be FOCUSED, THOROUGH, and ORGANIZED. Don’t be nervous. There is a gold-standard presentation format that was published for all EM students by the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine. This is the format I highly recommend and will teach you in this episode. You just need to remember the 8 steps…

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