Category: Hematology

The tPA Bleed

tPA bleeding isn’t the most high yield scenario for your clerkship, but it is a perfect case to review the physiology of hemostasis and also might save a life when you’re a resident or attending someday. 


When we get labs, we are usually getting a CBC as part of our testing. This week we will discuss what to do when the patient has a thrombocytopenia that you weren’t expecting.

Bleeding Disorders

As another special holiday treat we will be talking about the Big 3 hemostatic disorders that make people bleed too easily and how to fix them.


Type and Screen? Type and Rh? Type and Cross? Emergency Release? I never received a talk in medical school about how to give blood to patients. So when I started residency, I was surprised and confused by how many options I could select when placing orders for blood! This episode covers the basic terminology you need to know so that you can sound smart on your clerkship.

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