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Fungal Infections

Super random. Except for mucormycosis. Remember mucormycosis!


We are considering rabies prophylaxis on all animal bites or scratches that come to the Emergency Department. We don’t have to give it every time, but there is a specific protocol we’re supposed to follow

Occupational Exposures

You have to be very knowledgable about occupational exposures because this is the only chief complaint that I guarantee, you will eventually manage in a colleague. LEARN THIS. 


There have been numerous changes recently in sepsis definitions. This is an update to our sepsis episode from last year. 

Travel Emergencies

One of the topics that we typically DONT study much in Emergency Medicine is tropical medicine, and specifically fever in returning travelers. The reason this is important, is because MALARIA is a huge life threat in this patient population that can be easily missed. It is very important to ask about recent travel and then go through a simple approach when they say “yes”.

Sepsis (Critical Diagnosis)

Today we are talking about one of the most dangerous disorders a patient can have… Sepsis. There is a lot to cover with this including the history of sepsis management, definitions, and a modern day approach. We will cover each of these things and more in this week’s episode.

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