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The Future of Trauma (Interview)

In this EM Bolus we will be discussing the future of trauma resuscitation with Dr. Sam Tisherman, a professor of trauma surgery at the University of Maryland. He is currently conducting a very interesting study that has the potential to drastically change our approach to trauma forever. What if we cool trauma patients after they have died? What if we make them VERY cold, like those stories of cold water drownings who recover after being underwater for over an hour? What if we fill our dead trauma patients with icy saline and take their body to the OR so we have time to fix their injuries? Will it be too late? Today we take you to the fringe of medical discovery and address all of these questions.

Rural Medicine (Interview)

Thank you for downloading our first EM Bolus episode! These episodes are intended to give a more in-depth look into the real world of Emergency Medicine and your future career. This week’s episode is dedicated to all of our PA listeners. Chip Lange, PA-C, creator of the TOTAL EM podcast will be joining us to discuss what it’s like working in a rural emergency department where he has to take care of critically ill patients, miles away from a major academic center, and with minimal to no sub-specialty backup. It is the ultimate test of a providers clinical skill set.

Application Day (Interview)

Congratulations on getting those applications submitted! Today, we’re trying a different format. This is an interview with Dr. Mark Reiter, program director at the University of Tennessee – Nashville, about application day and ERAS. When I was a medical student, I had absolutely no idea what went through a program director’s mind on application day. But this week, I finally had a chance to get my questions answered. Please send me some constructive feedback about this episode so I can continue to provide quality content. Good luck with your interviews, and as always, be sure to enjoy your shift!

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