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NBME Shelf Review Part 5

Ophthalmology, Tox, and other Ingestions

Aspirin Overdose (Critical Diagnosis)

Aspirin overdoses are the great mimicker, and the queen of both intentional and unintentional overdoses. This week we will discuss a basic approach to this critical diagnosis.


Tylenol Overdose (Critical Diagnosis)

The king of all overdoses is acetaminophen. In this episode we will discuss an approach to this overdose with an emphasis on the life-saving antidote, N-Acetylcysteine (NAC).


Welcome to clerkship season!

Over the next few months we will be going through the biggest, hugest, most important topics in emergency medicine. And today, we will be starting off with toxicology. After covering the general approach to a toxicology case, we will also be overviewing the “Big 5” toxidromes of emergency medicine: anticholinergic, cholinergic, opioid, sedative, and sympathomimetic.  And the one thing I want you to remember is… Vitals, Pupils, Skin.

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