How to Crush Your SLOE (Tips 6-10)

Tip #6

Make your patient remember your name.

  • Introduce yourself clearly
  • Show the patient your badge
  • Use a nickname if your name is difficult for people to remember/understand
  • Repeat your name again and again

Tip #7

Keep the patient informed about…

  • Diagnosis
  • Anticipated ED course/timeline
  • Delays

Tip #8

Keep your patient comfortable.

  • Get them blankets
  • Show them how to use the remote/call light
  • Adjust the bed
  • Turn down the lights
  • Get them something to drink

Tip #9

Move fast.

  • Spend no more than 10 minutes with the patient
  • Immediately grab your attending if the patient is ill appearing

Tip #10

Use a translator.

  • Learn how to use a medical translator in your department (phone vs consult vs video consult)
  • INDEPENDENTLY use a translator to obtain your history when appropriate

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  1. Chris Sawyer

    Hey Dr. Olson, I have my first audition rotation coming up in July so I am re-listening to your SLOE tips. It’s amazing how much of a difference the little things made on my home EM elective. All the nurses loved me and my attending made it a point to tell me that I performed almost all the students, including 4th years & PGY-1s, that came before me. It’s all thanks to your resources, I try to listen and annotate one a day and have them on favorites on all my devices for quick reference. Thanks for all of your time and effort.

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