Asymptomatic Bradycardia – usually don’t treat

Symptomatic Stable Bradycardia – atropine, further workup

Symptomatic Unstable Bradycardia – SIMULTANEOUS treatment with medications and electricity

  • Meds: Trial of atropine, then either epinephrine, dopeamine, or isoproterenol
  • Electricity: Transcutaneous Pace –> TVP

DDX of Bradycardia – BRADIE

Blocks (av blocks)

Reduced vital signs (hypoxemia, hypothermia, hypoglycemia)

Acs (acute coronary syndrome/ischemia)

Drugs (beta blocker, calcium channel blocker, digoxin, organophosphate)

Infection/Inc ICP (Lyme, myocarditis // cushings reflex)

Electrolyte/Endocrine (hyperkalemia, hypermagnesemia, hypocalcemia // myxedema coma)