Neck Trauma

The hardest question… Should you get a CTA?

Blunt Trauma of Neck

  • Obtain CTA if…
    • Patient has neurologic deficit
      • Numbness
      • Weakness
      • Visual changes
    • Patient sustained forceful impact to the neck
    • Patient has fracture
      • Basilar skull
      • Facial bones
      • Cervical spine

Penetrating Trauma of the Neck

  • Go to OR if patient is unstable
  • Go to OR if patient has HARD signs
    • HARD Bruit Mnemonic
      • Hemoptysis/Hematemesis/Hypotension
      • Arterial bleeding
      • Rapidly expanding hematoma
      • Deficit (neurologic/pulse)
      • Bruit
  • Otherwise obtain CTA of the neck

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  1. Rachel

    Hi Zack! I am a first-year PA student and just wanted to say that your podcast has been great for reviewing for my emergency medicine module exam! Just wanted to let you know your content is great for students outside of med school as well!

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