Always ask about pediatric patient’s ‘P-I-S-S’ status!!!

Core Function Questions (P-I-S-S Status)

  • Peeing
    • Evaluates for dehydration
      • Number of wet diapers per day?
      • Same number as usual?
  • Intake
    • Rule of 3s
      • Estimates how much milk/formula an average infant should be taking
      • 3oz of milk or formula every 3 hours
  • Sleeping
    • Is the patient sleeping MORE than usual?
    • LESS than usual?
  • Stooling
    • Normal stool
      • Changes from dark meconium to tans/yellows

Pediatric Medical History

  • Prebirth
    • Did the patient have prenatal care?
    • Any issues with the pregnancy?
    • Was mom GBS positive?
  • Peribirth
    • What gestational age was patient born at?
    • Vaginal delivery or c-section?
    • How long did baby have to stay in hospital after delivery?
  • Postbirth
    • Diagnosed medical/surgical problems
    • Immunization status

Additional Reading