Round 2 (Seizure)


Case Introduction

EMS brings in a postictal 34 year old female after she has a seizure. She is complaining of a headache…

Initial Vitals
  • Temp 98.9
  • HR 110
  • RR 10
  • BP 175/115
  • O2 95%
Critical Actions
  • Articulate Full Neurologic Exam
  • Early Blood Glucose
  • Identification of Pregnancy
  • Administer Magnesium
  • Treat the Patient’s Blood Pressure
Final Diagnosis


Tips and Tricks

All women of childbearing age should receive a pregnancy test early in the case

Additional Reading

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  1. Karen

    I just found this cast, listen to it for fun (in med field, but pretty much only member of extended fam who’s not a doc). My dad was an OB/GYN, and I grew up hearing him on the phone and visiting him at work. When Mike “called” OB for the consult on eclampsia the way the OB doc answered the phone made me actually LOL. Nailed it, Zach! And Mike, dad would have been proud. Love this cast!

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