Case Introduction

You are working a shift at EM Clerkshift General when the next chart is handed to you – a four year old male named Tommy with chief complaint of dehydration.

Initial Vitals

  • Temp 100.4F
  • HR 132
  • RR 22
  • BP 98/64
  • O2 98%

Critical Actions

  • Identify key historical findings (fever >= 5 days)
  • Identify abnormal physical exam findings (Conjunctivitis, Rash, Adenopathy, Strawberry Tongue)
  • Diagnose Kawasaki Disease Clinically
  • Administer Aspirin
  • Administer IVIG

Final Diagnosis

Kawasaki Disease

Tips and Tricks

  • Remember the CRASH & BURN mnemonic
  • Always have a high index of suspicion for this diagnosis
  • Remember the diagnosis is CLINICAL!

Further Reading

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