Case Introduction

An ill appearing patient has been rushed back from the lobby, clutching his chest, you are needed immediately at the bedside…

Initial Vitals
  • Temp 99.1
  • HR 95
  • RR 20
  • BP 120/80
  • O2 98%
Courtesy of LITFL Medical Blog
Critical Actions
  • Obtain Early EKG
  • Notify Cardiology of Inferior STEMI
  • Bring Crash Cart to Bedside
  • Administration of Heparin
  • Counsel the Family
Dangerous Actions
  • Giving Nitroglycerine to Patient with Inferior MI and on Sildenafil
  • Giving Aspirin to Patient with Allergy to Aspirin
Final Diagnosis

Cardiac Arrest due to Inferior STEMI

Tips and Tricks

Ask about allergies prior to administering medications

Additional Reading