Round 6 (Back Pain)


Case Introduction

A notorious, disheveled frequent flyer presents to your emergency department for her back pain and is asking for more Dilaudid…

Initial Vitals
  • Temp 99.0
  • HR 99
  • RR 18
  • BP 118/78
  • O2 99%
Critical Actions
  • Ask about Red Flags for Spinal Infection
  • Perform a Thorough Spinal Exam
  • Obtain MRI Spine with Contrast
  • Initiate Broad Spectrum Antibiotics
  • Treat Pain when Pathology Identified
Final Diagnosis

Spinal Epidural Abscess

Tips and Tricks

Don’t let consultants or other members of your team talk you out of appropriate management of a patient

Additional Reading


  1. Dan

    Hello Dr.,

    I believe you referenced ‘The Acute Abdomen’ as a book resource that you found helpful in this episode (i may be wrong, it could’ve been case 5 too, not 100% sure as I listened to them in succession and thought of this now). Was wondering if you could provide the author name for this resource as I’m very interested in checking it out. Always enjoy your content, have learned a lot thus far!

  2. Simon

    Hey Zack, I really dig your idea of checking out med mal cases. Any suggestions for where we can check some out? Cheers

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