Asthma and COPD

5 core treatments and 5 MORE treatments

5 Core Treatments

  • Albuterol
    • Beta agonist
      • Bronchodilator
    • Core treatment for asthma
  • Ipratropium
    • Anti-muscarinic
      • Relax muscles around the airways
    • Works synergistically with albuterol
  • Steroids
    • Decrease inflammation in the airways
    • Prednisone (PO)
    • Methylprednisone (IV)
  • BiPAP (COPD)
    • Decreases work of breathing
    • Decreases rates of intubation
    • Decreases mortality
  • Antibiotics (COPD)
    • Infection common cause of inflammation

5 More Treatments

  • Magnesium sulfate
  • Ketamine
  • Epinephrine (systemic beta agonist)
  • Heliox
  • LAST RESORT – Intubation
    • Decrease rate and volume
    • Increase expiratory time and inspiratory flow

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    I Looooved it ? awesome podcast..
    My friend shared the link with me bcoz im interested in ER..
    It was the 1st podcast and it won’t be the last..
    Thank you doctor..

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