You are working at Clerkship General when you hear an EMS call on the radio…

“CLERKSHIP GENERAL – We are bringing you an agitated and combative 30 year old male, we’ll see you in 5 minutes.”

Initial Vitals:

BP: 192/105

HR: 134

RR: 22

O2: 99% (Room Air)

Temp: 98.8 F

Critical Actions:

  1. Administer Sedation for Patient/Staff Safety
  2. Intubate the Patient and Obtain Chest Xray
  3. Diagnose Intracranial Hemorrhage
  4. Treat Patients Hypertension
  5. Diagnose Rhabdomyolysis and Give Fluids

Dangerous Actions:

  1. Giving Succinylcholine
  2. Giving B-Blocker (Controversial)

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